The Story of You:
How You became an SLP Creative client

You had a vision for culture, aesthetics, and/ or design. You had relevant, even impressive, academic credentials. After school, You worked in a capacity that helped develop that skill. Inevitably, You decided to open a [gallery/not-for-profit/architectural firm/media company/other creative small business or service].

Alone, You had tenacity, talent, and luck. Good social skills didn’t hurt either. You found success. Opportunity begat opportunity. To manage this, You added new things to the mix: people, computers, an office, etc.

You had a business.

Opportunities continued to arise. You should have been excited, confident, and in control. Instead...

You felt overwhelmed, uncertain. You secretly believed that all other, similar businesses knew something (many things!) that You didn’t.

You talked to They, a friend who had been through this. They recommended a consultant that They used to help start a business. They knew how to do their job – really well – but could not find the time to lead and train employees, create an infrastructure, understand finances, and gain insights into the businesses of their peers. You believed it when They said: You will be happier, more successful and more satisfied if someone helps You plan for growth and teaches You how to work on the business, not in it.

You called SLP Creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How exactly does SLP Creative work to help small creative businesses and services?

    SLP Creative is tailored to the needs of each client. The most common package is our 3 Phases.

    Phase 1 focuses on identifying the core values of your business and examines your internal dynamics. Work in Phase 1 begins with assessments of the employees, workflow, and infrastructure. This requires one-on-one interviews with all owners and staff. We produce an analysis of the strengths and challenges of the team and the individuals. Recommended solutions for improved structure, efficiency, and job satisfaction are also presented. Then we work directly within the business to lead, train, and implement change. Phase 2 focuses on external dynamics: how are your values & vision reflected in the work that you perform for your clients, and how do you tap them to pursue an active growth strategy? How do your peers or competitors do things? Phase 3 looks at the impact and future of Phases 1 & 2 on the business, and may include monthly or quarterly reviews to ensure that things are operating smoothly. Growth, resourcefulness and financial responsibility are emphasized in all 3 Phases.

  2. How is SLP Creative different from a Life / Business Coach or a Consultant?

    Like a Life Coach, SLP will observe and discuss the personal habits or traits of the owner(s) that are hindering their success or the health of their organization. We do not stop there, however. We actively work with you to develop new work and personal habits. We help you to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Like a Business Consultant, we will work directly within your business to implement restructuring and efficiency. We do not stop until a new system is in place that can be self-sustained. Thus, SLP Creative is like both a life coach and a business consultant. Our technique is similar to how venture capitalists work on developing small companies. Our end goal, however, is not the sale or liquidation of your business; it is maximizing the rewards and knowledge of effective leadership directly for you, the owner.

  3. What are SLP’s educational credentials?

    SLP collaborates with experts on a project-basis in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients. These include CFPs, CPAs, MFAs, JDs, PhDs etc. Please see our About page for more details. As for Sheri, she began her education as a National Science Foundation Young Scholar, researching and studying molecular biology. Prior to completing her B.A., she began an MA in Art History with a focus on Architectural Theory & Criticism. These are the educational credentials most inform our work: the understanding of how the smallest of details correspond to infrastructure and the bigger picture.

  4. How did SLP Creative start and how does it relate to your background in contemporary art?

    When SLP first launched in 2006, we offered Gallery Consulting. This service was a ‘boot camp’ that relied upon Sheri’s experience and research in the art gallery as a business. Small galleries, mostly emerging, hired us to help them start up or to improve their existing operations. Over time, Sheri did more research and developed insights into the model of the small service business and the onus of being an owner. In 2011, the service was useful and expansive enough that one of our gallery clients recommended a non-gallery business friend. We are grateful to that client: today, SLP Creative is the fastest-growing part of our company. We work with amazing creative visionaries across contemporary art, fashion, architecture, media, design and beyond.

Clients Include

  1. Rafael de Cardenas / Architecture at Large
  2. Leitzes & Co
  3. Jonathan Levine Gallery
  4. The Suzanne Geiss Company
  5. Sweden Unlimited
  6. The Coalition for the Homeless, NY