SLP began in 2005 as an application of the myriad experiences, skills and knowledge of its founder, Sheri L. Pasquarella. As the organization expands, we collaborate with individuals that extend their own expertise and talents to our practice and clients. Below are some of the people essential to our success.

Sheri L. Pasquarella (Owner & Director)

Sheri began her professional career in leadership positions at two contemporary art galleries: Marlborough Gallery, New York (1998-2002, Associate Director of Admin) and Gorney Bravin + Lee, New York (2002-2005, Director). In 2002, she conceived and co-founded the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), a 501 c-6 organization that spawned a popular, successful art fair. In 2003, she became the Curator/ Advisor of the Stanley & Nancy Singer Collection; since that time, she has built or contributed to a more than 10 important private collections of art. Due in large part to NADA’s success, in 2005 she received the Future Visionaries Award from ArtTable and was named among the “most influential in art” by New York magazine. The public launch of SLP in 2006 began with the development of the West 27th Street galleries, a real estate project that she spearheaded. Since 2007 she has been teaching & researching and in 2008 she became the founding Arts Editor of Tar Magazine; for more details on these and her other public or educational activities, please visit our Community page. Sheri received her BA (and M.A. course work) in Art History & Criticism from SUNY Stony Brook, and did post-bac work at Reid Hall, Paris in social sciences & architecture.

Brooke Tomiello (Assistant, Art Advisory)

Brooke Tomiello earned her BFA (Visual and Critical Studies, 2011) from The School of Visual Arts in New York City. During her time in NYC, she has worked as an artist assistant and intern to various artists such as Corin Hewitt, Kristen Schiele, and Debra Hampton and also interned at Louis B. James Gallery. In 2012, Brooke participated in a residency at Leipzig International Art Programme in Germany, developing projects for exhibitions. Since returning to NYC, she has hosted exhibitions at Youme Haus, a gallery she co-founded in Brooklyn, and worked as the the studio assistant at Kayrock Screenprinting. There she developed a project called "Fresh Prints" which shed light on emerging artists from across the country. At SLP, she focuses on offering administrative support to the Art Advisory services.

Tatiana Mateus (Associate)

A native Brazilian, Tatiana earned her Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics in 2003 from FGV in Sao Paulo. Following her degree, Tatiana began a career in business and finance, living in London for several years, and serving as a Director at Citigroup until 2013. Throughout her career in business, she covered institutional clients in many different countries, which gave her the opportunity to experience a wide range of exhibitions, galleries, art fairs, and collections around the globe. She earned her M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art History at Christie's Education in 2014 and was awarded "Most Outstanding Thesis." She is a USPAP certified appraiser and is concluding an Art Appraisal certificate program at New York University. Through the combination of business and art, Tatiana has developed an insightful background for the developing and growing creative businesses. Tatiana now works for SLP from San Francisco and New York, and is focused on providing high-level support and project management to both Art Advisory clients as well as SLP at large.